Electry Market Surveillance Commission

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Chairman’s statement

1st, April,2016

Today, the electricity retail market has been fully liberalized and households can now choose among various electrical power companies and pricing schemes.

More than 260 businesses have already entered this market and announced new pricing schemes and services; this will start to vitalize competition among businesses.

Our commission has strictly monitored whether proper trading has been carried out as a “Guardian of the Market”. At the same time, we have also made suggestions/proposals to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry regarding necessary rule making.

We will continue to promote further competition in the energy market.

From the 1st of April, we will cover the roles related to the Gas Business Act and Heat Business Act with the name of the commission changing to the “Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission (EGC)”.

Gas as well as electricity is a very important infrastructure directly linked to the daily lives of citizens. Reform of the integrated gas and electricity market will enable consumers to choose companies providing all kinds of energy to households.

We also expect the development of comprehensive energy companies to provide various energies at a cheaper rate and with a higher quality of services.

Towards the full liberalization of the gas retail market scheduled for April next year, we would like to prepare for the necessary rules, including guidelines for retail business, the transitional period tariffs, the examination of wheeling service fee, and PR for this liberalization, etc.

1st, September,2015

Based on past discussions concerning electricity system reform, the EGC was established as a new regulatory authority with the independent authority and high degree of expertise necessary to strengthen monitoring of the electricity market in order to ensure appropriate electricity trading.

As a first step, I would like to monitor the electricity market strictly as a ‘Guardian of the Market’ toward the full liberalization of the electricity market by April 2016. In addition, I would also like to provide guidance as it relate to ‘rules making in the electricity market’.

As a member of the commission which will for the first time in sixty years implement substantial reform, I will do my utmost to develop a strong electric power industry which also protects the interests of electricity users through promotion of an appropriate and rational market.

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