Electry Market Surveillance Commission

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List of the members

As of 1st, September, 2018

Tatsuo Hatta, Ph.D.  (Chairman)

Photo:Tatsuo Hatta, Ph.D.

Present occupation
President, Asian Growth Research Institute
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

Ryuichi Inagaki Attorney-at -law (Acting chairman)

Photo:Ryuichi Inagaki 
Attorney-at -law
(Acting chairman)

Present occupation
Ryuichi Inagaki Law Office

Yasuhiro Hayashi, Ph.D.

Photo:Yasuhiro Hayashi, Ph.D.

Present occupation
Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Masanori Maruo

Photo:Masanori Maruo

Present occupation
Managing Director of SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Kaeko Kitamoto Certified Public Accountant

Photo:Tatsuo Hatta, Ph.D.

Present occupation
Senior Partner at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(JCN 4000012090001)
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